Do you reside in Brisbane and looking for professional grooming services? It’s okay, you can decide to make a walk through the streets and do a survey on which grooming shop will be the best for you. We can all agree that this will be tiresome, boring and most importantly, it’ll be costly. To save you these troubles, we have made you a list of top 6 best men’s grooming shops in Brisbane. The index aims to help you find a grooming shop of your choice you can visit and receive the best services ever. Going through the list will help you make the best selection.

1 .Blackwood Barbers

Blackwood Barbers are a den of experienced stylist who ensure that men get the best haircut services at friendly prices. The serene atmosphere ensures that their clients are relaxed while getting services of their choice. Services on offer range from beard grooming, modern and traditional barber techniques, razor shaves with hot lather among others.

  1. Jimmy Rod’s

At the first position on the list is Jimmy Rod’s named after the owner. It’s among the best grooming shops located in Brisbane. According to customer reviews, most of the customers leave this place satisfied and happy due to their best services in hair cutting styles and skin care needs. Jimmy Rod’s is also a cool place, where men can catch up with their friends and make fun moments. As a result, the site has become popular among residents of its area, attracting more customers.

  1. Chopspot Barber Shop

After its first adoption in 2015, these barber shop has grown to be to be among the top grooming shops in Brisbane. The shop caters for all men, irrespective of their ages. It blends the current styles with the traditional techniques making its services more appealing at attractive. They also serve a complimentary beverage that will help keep you feeling relaxed. You will also have a chance to experience top best cuts and shaves. The professionals here also offer the straight razor shaves around the neck. You will also experience the hot towel services that will leave your head and face refreshed.

  1. Bare Bones Barbershop

If you are looking for painless, dependable with efficient grooming services, Bare Bones is the place for you. They offer the best cuts with extra skin care services. The facilities here got into adoption in the early 1990s. And this is just an indication of the experience the crew here possesses. It is a place for all men, from children, young to old. Workers here aim at ensuring that the hair coats are at their best and that your return is a guarantee. Consider contacting them through 07 3899 6995 for more information.

  1. Pureman

If you are out there and looking for an elegant treatment in an old-school barbershop styled in a modern twist, Pureman is the place for you. They have expertise in grooming and skin care products for Australian men. Such products are manufactured specifically with the native Australian ingredients. Whether you are looking for beard styling or trimming, buzz cuts to style cuts, whatever you need, they have it for you here. As you enjoy their services, you will have an opportunity to enjoy their retro tunes, as you scroll on the latest news on their free to use iPads. Consider talking with them through 07 3012 7990.

  1. Esq Male Grooming

Another Brisbane hub for all men to leave looking smart and handsome at all times is the ESQ Male Grooming center. Apart from your heard, they are aimed to make sure that your general appearance remains outstanding. They also offer premium in-house grooming items to help you maintain your fantastic look at all times. If you wish to enjoy their addictive grooming services, consider to give them a call through 07 3369 3063.

In conclusion, looking good and clean is what increases your value and esteem as a man in front of friends. You, therefore, need to keep yourself well groomed. While this is not a simple task, keeping in touch with the above discussed top grooming shops in Brisbane will be of great help. It will help you stay connected with the best grooming shops in Brisbane.


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