Moving boxes and supplies are highly essential items either when moving your belonging from one building to another, or from one location to another. This is because they are more affordable than having to buy tons of travel boxes to fit your belongings into. Moving boxes are also easier to move around and are more durable than garbage bags – which are usually the other options.

Despite already being affordable, there are some other guides to buy moving boxes and supplies which can help you save more costs while moving. Some guides to buying cheap moving boxes and supplies include:

  • Determine how much boxes you will need

When buying moving boxes and supplies, the first step is to determine how much items you are going to be moving. When making a move, it could be a partial move such as moving some items from your office to your basement to create space or a full move such as moving entirely from one house to another. Determining how much items you are moving can help you make a decision on how much boxes you need to purchase.

Without finding this out, you might end up purchasing too many boxes or not enough boxes. So before proceeding to purchase moving boxes, find out how much items you will be moving and make an approximation of how many boxes you will need.

Also, keep in mind that not all kind of items can be thrown into the same box. For example, you can’t keep your clothes in the same box as your kitchen utensils. A knowledge of how you intend to share your items per box can also help you make a decision on how many boxes you would need.

  • Know the type of boxes you will need

When making a move, a number of different items will be relocated. Some might be a bit heavy, some very light, sharp, blunt and so on. When purchasing moving boxes and supplies, you need to know what type of boxes would be suitable for the items you intend to move. This can help you prevent wastage because if you buy unsuitable moving boxes and supplies, they might end up tearing and become useless.

If you need to move books, magazines, photo albums, CDs, bathroom items and so on, you should consider buying book boxes. To move items such as pots, pans, cutleries or plastic containers, linen boxes are often the best options. For fragile items such as china plates, table lamps, vases, figurines, small frames and so on, the china box is the best option.

  • Find out prices

In order to buy cheap moving boxes, it is important that you know the prices of the boxes and supplies before heading out. This way you can compare prices when you step out and also know when a seller is trying to inflate the prices to cheat you.

In order to know the prices of the boxes, you can check online, stop by at a retailer’s shop on your way out of your house, ask friends and family, and so on. Failure to find out prices before going out to buy the moving boxes and supplies might make you buy them at a higher price than you should.

  • Make a budget

For every item purchase budgets are necessary – even when buying moving boxes and supplies. After finding out the prices of moving boxes, it is important that you create a budget to take to the supermarket with you. If you will be making the purchase online, a budget is still as necessary. With a budget, you will not overspend on the moving boxes.

  • Go to a retailer and bargain

While buying moving boxes online is easier and more convenient, when you buy a moving box from a retailer in person, it is much cheaper as you get a chance to bargain with the seller. If you will be buying a lot of moving boxes and supplies, you can ask for a discount based on the number you will be purchasing. Most retailers will not be able to refuse such bargains.

Also, you can buy your moving boxes from retailers who rent moving trucks or from moving companies. This way during the negotiations, you can find a way to chip in money for the boxes into the overall cost of the move. You can also buy other moving supplies from the moving company as there will either be discounts or completely free.

  • Check online stores

While you can hardly bargain with a seller when purchasing boxes on the internet, online prices are often cheap. There are a ton of website on the internet where you can buy cheap moving boxes and supplies. Websites such as Amazon, boomerang boxes, U-Haul, Craigslist, and so on.

These online stores come with offers and features which can help you save a lot of money on your boxes and supplies. For example, Boomerang boxes recycle used boxes and sell them for half the price of brand new boxes. This can help you save a huge amount of money on your moving supplies. You can also get cheap moving boxes from online stores like Home Depot, eBay, Lowes, Walmart or Staples.

  • Consider buying used boxes

The thing about moving boxes and supplies is that even after a move they don’t easily get worn. After transporting items from one place to another, the boxes become useless. So instead of purchasing brand new moving boxes and supplies, you can go for used ones. This can help you save a lot of money. After use, you can also sell off the boxes to stores or sites that accept used moving boxes.

If you do a lot of moving though, it is advisable that you buy new boxes so you can reuse them at any time.

Don’t miss an opportunity to cut cost during your move by purchasing cheap moving boxes and supplies. Pick up your calculator today and start making that budget!


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